About HDC

Welcome home with HDC (Home Dialysis Centers)!

HDC began operation in Glendale, CA in 2005, with the objective of providing quality   home dialysis therapies to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients throughout Southern California. Our primary goal has been to offer patients different types of dialysis modalities in their own communities, in a manner that distinguishes HDC from large and impersonal corporate chains.  How do we differ?  By interacting closely with our patients and their families; by respecting our patients as experts in their own lives and bodies; by encouraging open communication between our patients/families and our staff, with all parties held in equal status.  It is our experience  that when we work together as partners with our patients and their families, more can be done to improve the quality of health for our patients than any of us can do alone.

With the growth of our program and to improve support to our patients, we have established dedicated regional home training centers serving Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties. Our focus is to provide patients with an improved quality of life and freedom through customized home dialysis treatments. Patients in our program can choose to remain under the care of their own primary nephrologist.

With an experienced clinical and technical staff, HDC is dedicated to home dialysis treatment, providing superior support to all of its home patients. Our program is in its 8th year of operation with over 50 home hemodialysis patients on short daily and nocturnal dialysis as well as an expanding peritoneal program. Our track record distinguishes us as a leader in home dialysis therapies, having trained more home dialysis patients than any other freestanding home hemodialysis program in Southern California.  HDC was the first to provide home dialysis services in Orange and San Bernardino counties.

We, at HDC, provide a caring and compassionate environment for our patients, becoming an extended part of their families. Our relationship extends beyond our patients office visits, with staff ready and willing to assist patients in the comfort of their homes, when necessary. Our staff is connected both professionally and personally. They include a home training nurse, who was a previous home dialysis patient and has since received a kidney transplant, and our medical office manager, who is a home dialysis patient.

HDC accommodates ESRD patient’s lifestyles. Patients are given a choice of equipment for their home therapy. We are unique in offering opportunities for patients to cross-train on equipment that enables them to travel with their device, if necessary.  Each patient is counseled and educated about the pros and cons of different devices before starting their training.

As a result patients are able to travel and dialyze on their own schedules to places such as Korea, Hawaii, Mexico and other States.