The Advantages of Home Hemodialysis

Moving forward is what NxStage does best.
What used to be anecdotal is now thoroughly backed by hard evidence: more frequent dialysis provides significant and wide-reaching therapeutic benefits. More energy. Quicker recovery. Improved appetite. Better blood pressure control with fewer medications. Less stress on the heart. Even lower risk of death.

The science is clear. With reliable, practical, portable home hemodialysis now possible through the NxStage System One, there is an increased awareness of thelife-changing effect this inspiring technology is having for a growing number of people with end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Traveling into the future could mean traveling the country.
By having control over when and where they dialyze – at home or even on the road – dialyzors may find that what was once impossible due to long drives for in-center treatment, exhaustion, and other factors, is now a possibility. The chance to resume a normal work schedule. To travel. Or to simply take your life back and feel more like yourself again.

Facing – and changing – renal care reality.

More and more clinicians recognize the limitations of traditional in-center therapy three times per week, and accept that more frequent home therapies offer many potential benefits, including the possibility of a more normal lifestyle.

When you consider the current renal care environment, it’s no wonder that our revolutionary approach is gaining ground. Chronic renal failure, or ESRD, impacts more than 2 million patients worldwide, including 571,414 in the U.S.1 – a number growing by 3.8% annually2. Annual care costs in the U.S. approach $82,000 per patient, for a total cost of care exceeding $42.5 billion in the U.S. alone2. Yet the dialysis treatment itself represents less than one-third of this cost.

The revolution is just in time.

More frequent hemodialysis with the NxStage System One can offer hundreds of thousands of patients access to the life changing benefits possible with our therapy.

In recent years, peer-reviewed articles have reported on the clinical and quality of life and mortality experienced by patients on more frequent home hemodialysis. The literature strongly supports the meaningful benefits possible with more frequent home hemodialysis with the System One.

In a recent survey, more than 90% of nephrologists said they would choose a home dialysis therapy for themselves if informed they needed renal replacement therapy, with home hemodialysis being the preferred option3. Yet, more than 90% of patients undergoing dialysis in the United States are doing three-times-weekly in-center therapy.  Patients need better education on the types of therapies available to them and greater support among nephrologists and dialysis providers offering home hemodialysis training. In addition, we believe further improvements in Medicare reimbursement can support broader adoption and awareness of home hemodialysis.

It’s not just a growing revolution.
It’s a growing community.

Realizing the promise of more frequent home hemodialysis is at the heart of our mission. To achieve this goal, we’re working closely and successfully with the entire chronic renal care community, from patients and care partners to medical professionals and researchers to government officials concerned with reimbursement issues.

Move forward with us. Working together, we can make improved lifestyles and more efficient renal care an everyday reality.

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